99: The Freedom of 50/50

Have you ever wished you could cut out your negative emotions so you could live a more positive life? Check out today's episode to learn how negative emotions aren’t always a bad thing and how useful negative emotions can help you grow.  

Key Takeaways:

  • The Problem:  The natural tendency to avoid, resist, or react to negative emotions and thinking life would be better if you could just delete them.

  • The Solution: Learn how to shift your understanding so that you bring a positive light to your negative emotions. Learn how to tell the difference between useful and indulgent negative emotions so you can create emotions that help you move forward.

  • The Application: Embrace the empowering fact that life is meant to be 50% positive and 50% negative to create space for purposeful positive and empowering negative emotions.

  • The Invitation: Take a breath before you avoid, resist, or react to your negative emotions and embrace that God’s creations, including ourselves, face opposition in all things.


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