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Tired of Looking Back?


You're a fighter... You've looked at your past problems with open eyes. You've learned a ton from therapy or 12-step groups, support calls, books, and so much more.

And, quite frankly, you're ready for a new phase. You don't need a "surgeon" to save your emotional life anymore... you're ready for a "physical therapist" approach to help you apply what you've learned and gain strength from inside of You.

But you hesitate... You treasure your tools, your community support, your lifestyle of mental and emotional health. Will they be able to follow where you want to go? You aren't sure you can move forward without them... Where are the people who can share hope, experience, and tools on how to transition from therapy and 12-steps to everyday life with confidence?

Well my friend, I have good news for you. I've found them! I have transitioned forward, found an exciting new phase, and am confidently thriving in amazing ways without the fear of the past, the need for continued therapy, or even 12-step meetings. I have found tools, support, and a community in this new phase the fuel my confidence from within. I feel light, excited, and confident! You can too!


I'm dying to tell you how. 

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My methods

The Path Forward

Think Light


"Once an addict always an addict…"
"Is what I'm doing Healthy?"
"Am I being rigorous enough in my recovery?"
These thoughts were helpful at first, but can eventually feel heavy and limiting. But, they are just thought problems. I teach you how dropping the heavy thoughts and thinking light can move you forward with confidence. Your mind is your most valuable resource. How are you using it?

Feel Light


You can't "arrive" and never feel negative emotions. However, you can influence your emotional experience. Everything you do is to create or avoid an emotion. How powerful would it be to choose your emotions on purpose? I teach you to understand, process, and channel emotions that drive you towards the You that you've always wanted to embrace. Are you paying attention to the where your emotions are navigating you?

Live Light


You have to think and feel in new ways to get new results. But how? It's actually quite simple... Learn to live light. It's a lifestyle that is exciting, freeing, and empowering--full of actual self-care and connection with less confusion. Together, we channel new mental and emotional pathways from inside You to create a sustainable lifestyle full of Your Light. Are you showing up in your daily life the way you want to?



Transition to Light

Group Intro Course


Want to learn the foundational skills of how to think, feel, and live light? This 6-week intro course includes online videos, worksheets to personalize your experience, and online weekly group meetings with other women ready to explore this life-changing transition with you. 

*The next group starts soon, so apply now because space is limited*

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Embracing YOU

Deep Dive Sessions


In addition to the group intro course, you also have the option to add on a personal 1-on-1 session with me where we'll take what you're learning to a deeper level and confidently take steps towards living a life naturally guided by the Light in You

*You must be enrolled in or have completed the group course to qualify for individual sessions*

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The Live Light Lifestyle

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Want a Taste of My Work? 

Check out this sneak-peak of my intro podcast. I haven't released my podcasts to the public yet as I'm focusing on other areas of my business, but I figured if you found this page you deserve to enjoy it now... 

A little about me...

Hi! I’m Stephanie, a certified life coach and mindset mentor. I work with clients to help them transition from therapy to thriving. We work on mental models and lifestyle shifts to help them think light, feel light, and live light on purpose.


More about me


"Stephanie is an amazing coach. As someone with an advanced understanding about coaching myself, I'm very particular about who I trust to coach me, and she was the best private coach I could find. Over the course of a year working together, my whole life changed and she was a valuable part of many breakthroughs. I looked forward to our sessions since she always created a safe space for me to talk and work things out. I feel that she is a friend for life. Stephanie understands me deeply and was able to help me come to understand and love myself deeply too. I can't recommend her enough!"

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