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Summer Simplicity: Unclutter Your Mind to Enjoy the Season

Wednesday May 1st @ 12:00 pm (central time)
Your brain wants to freak out about the summer chaos... but summer simplicity is easier than you think!

Did you know that your brain's default is to look for things that can go wrong? Although this can help you solve problems and navigate struggles, it can also leave you worrying about things you can't control.

But there is good news! There are simple techniques that can help you unclutter your mind so you aren't defaulting to that negative, chaotic, overwhelming space.

This mental chaos is especially potent as we transition into the less-predictable summer months. Taking a moment to get clear on your summer goals will make all the difference in your ability to enjoy your summer season. 

However, there is a trap that most people get caught in when they set summer goals...

Come learn how to simplify your summer and avoid the typical traps along the way so you can naturally and sustainably enjoy the summer season in positive, empowering ways.

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In this Masterclass, you will learn:


The Struggle: Why Your Past Summers Have Felt Overwhelming

See patterns that are keeping you overwhelmed and understand why you've been struggling.


The Shift: A Simple Redirect that Changes Everything

Let go of worrying about the things you can't control and learn to refocus on your actual goals.


The Success: What It Looks Like In Everyday Life 

Examples, tips, a& exercises to help you create a successful summer.


...and the best part is you can join us for free!

This masterclass will unclutter your mind so you can create a summer that you will actually enjoy...


You know it well‚ÄĒthat chaotic feeling that often comes as summer approaches. It often comes with voices like this:

"How will I balance work and family without a predictable schedule?"

"No matter how hard I try, I never seem to get my self-care time and do all the summer things."

"I just want to enjoy the summer, not stress through it..."

Thoughts like these come when you're facing the freeform of summer or stressing about trying to force an unrealistic summer plan. But you don't have to have a summer like this! There are simple shifts you can make to help you prioritize your summer goals and focus on what will bring you and your family joy.

If you're ready to sweep away the summer stress and create a season of clarity and connection, then invest in yourself with this short but powerful masterclass. Let's ensure this summer is one your future self will look back on with a smile!

Who is this for? Christian women who...


‚Üí Are committed to improving, but often feel stuck or unfulfilled.

→ Are motivated to do God's will, but wish they didn't feel burned out or inadequate.

→ Are ready for a fresh view of how to approach their lives in proactive, empowering ways.


Join me and embrace a new way of confidently connecting with yourself, God, and others!

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A Note From Stephanie...

I spent years burned out and full of shame, trying to do God's will...

It wasn't sustainable. After a lot of professional help & a soul-searching faith journey, I have come to realize what God was trying to tell me all along.

My thoughts about God, myself, & others were keeping me stuck. Simple yet powerful tools have given me space to see the light in myself & find the courage to share it with others. Now, I am passionate about helping Christian women like you shed the darkness & tap into their light. You deserve to feel confident, connected, & clear. I can't wait to show you how!

Stephanie | The Light Coach

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