97: Self-Care, Self-Comfort, & Self-Indulgence

Do you ever get stuck not enjoying your self-care because you're too worried that it's an excuse to be indulgent? In this episode, we explore why you might be struggling with self-care and how you can care for yourself in guilt-free ways that feel fulfilling, comforting, and rewarding.

 Key Takeaways:

  • The Problem: not knowing whether something counts as self-care or how to take care of ourselves in ways that aren't indulgent.
  • The Solution: understanding the difference between self-care, self-comfort, and self-indulgence.
    • Self-Care: ways we care for ourselves that often involve proactive or productive habits and patterns.
    • Self-Comfort: a less-acknowledged form of self-love where we create space for heavier emotions and genuine relaxation.
    • Self-Indulgence: actions we take that puts a buffer between us and our emotions (e.g., social media, indulgent eating, mindless tasks, etc.)
  • The Application: three simple shifts that can help you create healthy habits.
    • Motives: check your motives. Are you buffering or are you loving?
    • Boundaries: make decisions ahead of time to stop worrying about how much or how long you're doing it.
    • Reflect: take a moment to reflect after self-care or self-comfort to learn what is working and what needs to shift.
  • The Invitation: honor what you're already doing well and take time to explore how you can improve your self-care and self-comfort habits without slipping into self-indulgence.


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