108: Summer Success

Embrace the summer with confidence and joy! As summer approaches, bringing with it a shift in schedules and increased family time, many of us feel a mix of excitement and anxiety. Today, we dive into practical strategies to transform your summer from stressful to successful. Whether you’re managing family visits, travel, or just day-to-day life with the kids at home, there’s a way to navigate these changes with ease.


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What You'll Discover on This Episode:

  • How to handle the common anxieties that come with the summer season, from schedule changes to family dynamics.
  • Techniques for calming your mind and preparing emotionally for the busy months ahead.
  • Strategies from our recent masterclass on setting yourself up for a summer of success, tailored to help you thrive during this vibrant season.
  • A mini workshop right here in the episode to guide you through planning your summer, with pauses for reflection and planning.


Embrace your ability to shape your summer: Investing a few moments to use these reflective questions and planning exercises will help you align your summer plans with your personal values and goals. After all, it's not just about surviving the summer; it’s about thriving. 


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