106: Identity vs Outcome Prayers

Today is the National Day of Prayer. As women of faith, we often pray and plead for God to grant us the wishes of our hearts—characteristics we wish we possessed, doors we wish would open, abundance we hope will come our way. But what if there is something backwards in these prayers? In this from the heart, off-the-cuff episode, I share a perspective that recently changed the way I pray. I hope it changes your prayers too. 


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What You'll Discover on This Episode:

  • A transformative question that can reshape your prayers: "Are you praying as if you believe God’s word is true?"
  • How acknowledging our divine nature can change the way we communicate with God, making our prayers more affirming of the qualities He has already bestowed upon us.
  • Insights from James Clear’s "Atomic Habits" about identity-based habits versus outcome-based habits, and how this concept can apply to spiritual practices and beyond.
  • Personal anecdotes on the shifts happening in my life, setting the stage for a deeper connection with you, the listeners, as we journey together in faith and growth.


On this day of prayer, I challenge you to rethink your approach to prayer and self-perception. Consider how recognizing your inherent divinity can alter not just your spiritual communications, but also how you approach challenges and changes in life.


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