105: From Her Wins to Yours

When transformation unfolds before your eyes, it's nothing short of miraculous. Today’s special episode of Radiant You shares a precious segment from a coaching call that exemplifies the beauty of living lighter. Come dive in with us to see the power of support, the willingness to embrace growth, and the reminder of God's relentless work in every aspect of your life.


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What You'll Discover on This Episode:

  • The joy of a client's spiritual high and recognizing the interweaving of God's work in her life (and yours).
  • The synergy of therapy and life coaching in healing the past and energizing the present and future.
  • The inspiring shift from survival to thriving, from being stuck to forward movement and genuine growth.
  • How the combination of educational, spiritual, and social support creates a steadfast foundation for our lives.
  • Embracing the wholehearted belief in God's strength and witnessing its power in transforming our reality as we willingly try the new things He brings into our lives.


Dare to try something new and invite the change that God has prepared for you. He is leading you. How can you step into the freedom and light waiting for you?


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