104: A Better Yes

Prayers are more than words—they're the window into the desires of our lives. When the answer isn't clear, or when the longing in your prayerful heart seems to echo without reply, could it be that there's a greater plan unfolding? In today's heartwarming episode, we peel back the layers of our petitions to God and see them with a new lens. Just as a heartfelt conversation with my son gave me a new perspective, we'll explore some of your prayers so you can recognize the sometimes hidden richness and beauty behind God's better "Yes." By the time we conclude today's episode, you'll be able to look at the tapestry of your life and see God's love in what may appear as unanswered prayers.


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What You'll Discover on This Episode:

  • How our earnest desires, much like the pure wishes of a child, might be clouded by our limited view.
  • The extraordinary ways in which God nurtures us through perceived absences and the "Nos."
  • The possibility that our "ideal" may not align with the grandeur God envisions for us.
  • How pausing and listening can transform our pleas into pathways for divine gifts beyond our imagination.
  • Embracing the concept that with every divine "No," there's a better "Yes" waiting to enrich your journey.


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