101: A New Growth Mindset

Sometimes we try so hard to move forward on a project or a goal but start losing hope when things get in the way or we don't feel like we are moving forward. In today’s episode, we explore how a fixed mindset might be keeping you stuck and how applying God's word to your life can shift you to an empowering place of growth.


Key Takeaways:

  • The Problem:  Seeing failure as something you are stuck with, instead of looking at it as a way to grow.
  • The Solution: Recognize that you are never stuck in failure, there is a way to grow. This mindset helps you use your failures as stepping stones to learn along the way.
  • The Application: Recognize when you are in a fixed mindset and let God lead you to a growth mindset that honors His higher will for you.
  • The Invitation: Find hope in God’s words by letting tribulation help you grow in patience, experience, and hope. 


  • Scriptures referenced: Romans 5:3-4 and Luke 9:24.
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A Personal Invitation:

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