100: Behind the Mic

Have you ever found yourself spending time and effort doing something that feels like it might not be worth it? Join me in today’s episode as I celebrate episode 100 by sharing some behind-the-scenes insights about creating a podcast and how the seemingly illogical time and effort it takes has actually been a fulfillment of God's will for me and the Christian women of the world.

Key Takeaways:

  • The Problem:  Starting a podcast can have overwhelming challenges, including the learning curve of podcasting, technical setup, content creation, and the struggle to find a unique voice and rhythm.
  • The Solution: Surrendering to God's guidance and learning along as He shows you the bigger picture.
  • The Application: Reflect on your own messages and consider how you can share your unique voice with the world.
  • The Invitation: Contribute to spreading messages of light, love, and hope by taking five minutes to rate the podcast and share it with at least one person who might benefit from a more radiant life.


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