Lighten Your Load in Life After Therapy


In just 3 weeks.


No more feeling confused, constantly processing triggers from your past, or wondering if you're doing it the "right" way.

If you’re a Christian woman who has been through therapy and you're looking to move forward with self-confidence, then you know that...

Life after therapy can feel confusing sometimes. Theoretical principles of healthy living can seem like oil & water when you try to apply them to everyday life—especially while trying to honor your values along the way. Sometime your boundaries conflict with your desire for mercy. Or, your efforts to improve leave you worrying you'll never be enough. It can be exhausting to navigate.

But it doesn't have to be!

I've created a course to help YOU in life after therapy.

By the end of the course, you will know…


  • The Thoughts & Feelings That Have Been Keeping You Stuck

    You'll stop trying to use willpower to change & instead learn how thoughts & feelings can naturally move you forward.
  • The Common Pitfalls in Life After Therapy & How to Avoid Them

    No more spinning in confusion about whether you're doing it "right." Knowing the common pitfalls will help you see right through the drama & move forward with confidence.
  • The Truth About Perfectionism & How to Generate Lasting Self-Confidence

    Finally drop the perfectionist act & find lasting self-confidence from within so you can be yourself while feeling satisfied with your efforts.
  • Your Powerful, God-Given Strengths & How to Use Them

    Focusing on your divine strengths will increase your belief that you really can create the life you desire to live & honor God's plan for you along the way.
  • Your Next Steps Forward & How to Create Personalized Sustainable Goals

    There is freedom in knowing exactly what you want to work on. Life doesn't have a one-size-fits all path. The path that will give you lasting results is one that is personal to you.

"I took Stephanie’s course after having years of therapy for dysfunction in my home. It was also two years after the loss of my husband. I knew all the words, all the formulas, but I just couldn’t move forward. Stephanie’s class helped me realize that I was fighting my life. I was resisting my natural responses to grief. She and the other class members helped me to remove the invisible roadblocks I had erected and love myself enough to begin to work on goals I had almost given up on. "

- Roxy

The course starts Feb. 21st, but enroll now because spots fill up fast! (See FAQs for course dates/times)

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This simple but powerful course helped me transform my life! I am grateful for Stephanie, the opportunity to take this course, and the amazing ways my thoughts, feelings and actions are rippling far and beyond.

- Edna

The biggest difference I noticed right away in my life was my capacity to let go of self-judgment... I now firmly know what I believe AND am actively using that knowledge to consistently, and imperfectly, find joy one day at a time.

- Elizabeth

I knew I was strong, but often wondered, "Why don't I feel strong?" This whole concept was like a switch... Now I can access my strength! I have a feeling that I haven't had before that says, "Nicole, this is possible!"

- Nicole

3 Keys to Lighten Your Load in Life After Therapy 

What’s Inside the 3 Week Course 


Week 1: Key 1

Know Your Thoughts and Feelings

In this empowering course, we jump right in with foundational principles that will set you up for success. This first key teaches you about the life-changing principle that everything you do is to create or avoid a feeling. It also outlines where feelings come from, how to recognize them, and gives you tools to take back the power to create your day-to-day experiences.


  • How Thoughts & Feelings Work
  • Empowering Thoughts to Practice
  • Tips to Stay Clear
Week 2: Key 2

Build Your Relationship with Yourself

It's not enough to simply be aware of your thoughts and feelings. The second key helps you gain awareness of your own thoughts and feelings, identify where you are in the stages of self-love, and then teaches you how to drop perfectionism and find self-confidence so that you don't get stuck in patterns of negative self-talk or damning perfectionism.


  • The Stages of Self-Love & Your Divine Lovability
  • The Power of Imperfect Progress
  • The Self-Confidence Secret
Week 3: Key 3

Journey Forward with the 4 Rs Roadmap

In week 3, we build on the principles of awareness and self-love from the first to weeks to help you create your own clear path forward that will be natural, sustainable, and even enjoyable. No more second guessing if you're doing it right or burning out from working without seeing results. At the end of week 3, we'll wrap up the course with the 4th R and everything you need to journey forward with self-confidence and clarity.


  • Recognizing Your God-Given Strengths
  • Redirecting Forward with a Clear Plan
  • Refining Along the Way

When you enroll by
February 16th,

you’ll get:


3 Keys Course to Lighten Your Load in Life After Therapy
(A $725 Value)


  • 3 Keys in 3 Weeks

    Reset your life after therapy with increased awareness, self-confidence, and a clear path forward.

  • A Fresh Start in 2023

    See what's been keeping you stuck so you can embrace a new you in 2023!
  • A Lighter Load

    Use these 3 keys to unlock a path that feels lighter as you learn to be guided by the light within you.

Included Bonuses to Help You Apply What You Learn to Your Everyday Life


Bonus 1 ($100 Value)

A Supportive Online Community

Any load feels lighter when others are there to help you carry it.

What You’ll Get:

Access to a private online community of fellow Christian women courageously journeying forward in life after therapy.

  • Real-time support from me and other women who "get it"
  • Inspiration from other women learning right along with you
  • Lasting friendships as you connect with and encourage other students
Bonus 2 ($175 Value)

Real Time Resources & Worksheets

No more heavy theoretical principles you hope to apply someday...

What You’ll Get:

Each key is broken down into sub-lessons that include user-friendly resources and worksheets to help you apply what you are learning so you don't have the weight of figuring it out on your own.

  • Clear visuals to help you track your course learning
  • Simple step-by-step worksheets created to naturally invite you forward
  • Printable visuals to remind you of the powerful principles you are learning
Bonus 3 ($150 Value)

Live Coaching with Stephanie

Coaching can shift you from spinning in circles to actually moving forward.

What You’ll Get with the 3 Keys Course:

Each lesson will be taught live online so I can support you as you learn. I also offer a live group coaching call to all of my students each Friday.

  • Live online lessons at the beginning of each week (with replays available)
  • Interactive conversations during each lesson when you show up live
  • Live group coaching sessions each Friday to support your journey forward 

Here’s what you’re getting when you enroll today:

3 Keys Course to Lighten Your Load in Life After Therapy - $300 Value

  • Bonus: A Supportive Online Community - $100 Value
  • Bonus: Real Time Resources & Worksheets - $175 Value
  • Bonus: Live Group Coaching each Friday with Stephanie - $150 Value 

When you add it all up, that’s a value of: $725 


But when you enroll today, you’ll get access to everything for just:

2 Payments of


First payment today,
the second next month.



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Save $25 when you pay
for the course all up front.


"Try It & Apply It" Guarantee

If you're on the fence because you're like me and only buy things you know you'll actually use... Then I want to remove any reason that might keep you for taking this step to lighten your load and experience the transformational shift that I've seen in so many women just like you. 

That's why I'm giving you a chance to try out the course with a money back guarantee If you go through the first key, apply what you learned, complete the worksheets, and use the suggested resources, but you aren't satisfied, then I'll give you a full refund—because I'm completely confident that if you actively use what you'll learn in the first key, you'll be excited to keep going with the rest of the course!

You have nothing to lose with awareness, self-confidence, and clarity to gain! For more details, click here.

Frequently Asked Questions

What people asked before signing up for this 3 Keys Course:

Still thinking about it?


Still not sure if this is a good fit? Well, if you find yourself saying, "That's me!" to any of these statements, then this course is for you!

  1. You are hoping to transition out of therapy, but don't want to do it alone or lose the progress you've worked so hard on.
  2. You've been in and out of therapy for years and know you need some extra help, but don't want to go back to therapy again.
  3. There are things in your life you just can't seem to overcome no matter how hard you try...and you want to know why.
  4. Your effort to stay mentally and emotionally healthy feels heavy sometimes and you just want someone to tell you if you're doing it right.
  5. You've been binging self-help books/podcasts trying to find the missing piece to help you move forward but can't seem to find it. 
  6. You keep feeling triggered by your past and want nothing more than to move forward and enjoy your life.
  7. You are tired of depending on other people or waiting for things to "get better" for you to feel better.
  8. You aren't in trauma still, but you feel like you're never going to get life after therapy right and are unsure you have the energy to keep trying. 
  9. You're hungry to feel self-confident and have faith that God can guide you to what you need next.
  10. You are ready to rebuild a life you love, one simple step at a time!

Enroll Today in 3 Keys Course to Lighten Your Load in Life After Therapy

2 Payments of


First payment today,
the second next month.



1 Payment of


Save $25 when you pay
for the course all up front.


I can’t wait for you to join us in the 3 Keys Course—together, we can Lighten Your Load!

Life has its bumps. Sometimes we end up in a dark hole unsure how to climb out. The trauma of it all leads us to therapists and others who help us climb out of that hole. But, my friend, that was just a hole...  Look around you—there is an entire world for you to explore! 

That's why I created this course: to help you explore the possibilities in life after therapy. This course is full of faithful women who are ready to drop the baggage of their past and find a clear path forward. It's the place where you can think lighter, feel lighter, and live lighter. 

We want you to journey with us! Plus, there's a 100% money back guarantee... you truly have nothing to lose. It's time to let your inner light shine so you can move forward with self-confidence and clarity.

I believe in you, my friend. Let's shine together.

- Stephanie ✨ The Light Coach