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Where You've Been Does Not Have To Direct Where You Go Next.


Redirect Your Journey Forward

People in therapy often say they feel ready to move on but don't know how… That's where we come in! This course is full of powerful women journeying forward with confidence. Here, you learn simple yet empowering ways to apply what you've learned about mental and emotional health, creating a personalized path forward. And, the best part… you don't have to do it alone!

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The 4 Phases of Your Journey Forward


Phase 1: Recognize

Awareness ignites change. That's why we start by taking an honest look at what's going on in your life & uncovering where you feel stuck or stagnant.

Phase 2: Redirect

Once you see, then you can do. After recognizing, it's time to redirect towards your true goals, priorities, and values in simple yet powerful ways. 

Phase 3: Refine

Clear directions are helpful, but the key is to refine your relationship with yourself & your goal along the way. Head + Heart = Lasting Change.

Phase 4: Ripple

One drop can create waves of change. As you recognize, redirect, and refine, you will naturally see ripples of confidence moving you forward.

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This Course Is For You If...


 You want to feel confident and capable instead of frustrated and stagnant

 You have processed parts of your past and are ready to focus forward

 You feel hungry to explore what's next

You want to learn how to support yourself from within

 You are longing to more fully use the passion and gifts inside of you

 You want a great relationship with yourself and people you care about 

 You get confused and overwhelmed sometimes and want to know why

 You know that change takes effort but you're willing to work

 You want to learn from others who are thriving after therapy

This Course Is Not For You If... 


X  Your trauma makes it hard to function in day-to-day life

X  You've never processed past traumas

X  You're set on obsessing about and blaming your past 

X  You want a "quick fix" checklist from a boss-like figure

X  You don't want to invest in your mental and emotional health

X  You think there is only one way to learn and grow

Who You Can Become


YOU CAN feel like you can overcome any challenge.

YOU CAN become aware of your thoughts + how they affect you.

YOU CAN learn to recognize + process emotions.

YOU CAN know why you're getting results + how to change.

YOU CAN feel love for yourself even when you fail.

YOU CAN see your past experiences with clarity + peace.

YOU CAN feel excited about the possibilities of your future.

YOU CAN know that you're not alone on your journey forward.

YOU CAN confidently create + maintain your own "healthy" life.

YOU CAN journey forward with confidence!


Let's Do This!

We Want YOU With Us


Einstein said, "You can't change a problem with the same kind of thinking that created it in the first place." As we share our experiences, we learn from each other in ways we cannot learn from ourselves. What better way to learn how to move forward than from those who are doing it? A useful thought you hadn't considered can be a game-changer.

And that's where it starts. It changed everything for us. Come think, feel, and grow with us in ways you don't even know are possible!

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