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18: How to Build Confidence

Last week we talked about self-confidence vs. confidence. Although self-confidence is the more important feeling, it's also nice to know how to build your confidence. Check out this episode for a 4 step formula that is proven to build confidence for whatever you might be struggling with in your life.


Today's TLC:  

Find a commitment that is calling to you. It could be drinking more water, making time for scripture study regularly (no matter how long of time that is), proactively scheduling your day, or healing your relationship with your body... Whatever it is, listen to the light in you and you'll know what is doable for you, what will help you grow.

Do you have the courage to try out the 4 Cs?

Commit to your goal and be kind to yourself along the way. Have courage to go through the struggle, the ups and downs, the feelings and the actions. Patiently recognize your growth as your capability increases over time. And then use that momentum to find the confidence you've been hungry for.


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